Biography - Kalin Ashby
  • Bachelor of Science (Exercise Science)
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
About Me

I am a fitness loving father and husband who believes that exercise is the best medicine you can take and it is FREE. I grew up an athlete playing multiple sports but, baseball was my first true love.

Baseball taught me what it means to be a member of something bigger. It pushed me to put myself aside and pursue things greater than myself. My stat sheet was then irrelevant and became more concerned about our outcome as an organization freeing up pressure on myself. Under my helmet I wrote “Help my team win”.  This is how I live my life.

I constantly strive to be a part of something bigger than myself. I grind to grow. I grind to learn so that I can contribute to achieve a greater good for those around me. That is why I choose everyday to work with ActiveLife Rx.

Kalin Ashby
Favorite Activities




Hunting and Fishing


Rock climbing


Favorite Quote
“Good things never come from comfort zones.” - Ben Bergeron