Biography - Samantha Hirsh
  • Bachelor of Arts (Elementary & Special Education)
  • M. Ed.
About Me

Sam is the VP of Project Management at Active Life. She lives in New Jersey just outside of New York City with her two dogs.

As a way to make an additional income, she started coaching CrossFit. Quickly, she realized there was more she wanted to be able to do for members of the gym (and herself) that had pain or movement limitations, and thats how she found Active Life. Via Active Life education, she was able to raise her income to a point where leaving her unfulfilling teaching career was a no brainer, and she went all in on making coaching a career. Shortly thereafter, she was the first person to sign up for Active Life’s Pro Path, and helped bring the education to the staff at the gym she was in.

She began working for Active Life in 2019 in an enrollment specialist position, while in this position, she found her self constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and product outcomes for the company, and accepted the role as VP of Project Management in 2021.

Outside of work, Sam likes being active, whether it's going for walks or hikes, or working out. She also enjoys playing with her dogs, Penny & Minnie, and watching soccer games, whether it be her nieces games or professional, as well as Giants, Yankees, and Knicks games.

Favorite Activities

Hanging with her pups


Hiking & Walking


Favorite Quote
“The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.” - John C. Atwater