Active Life Professional

Return to Sport

Returning to sport is not just for athletes. 

At Active Life, we believe that individuals deserve a life well lived and to have the physical freedom to be able to say “yes” whenever they choose to. After the conclusion of this course, the AL-P will be able to methodically assess and progress individuals from unable-to-perform plyometric and speed-based progressions to high-level directional change, throwing, and sport specific activities. 

After Completing This Course, AL-P's will be able to:

  • Grasp foundational biomechanics and their training implications 
  • Identify suitable tests for power, stability, and unilateral abilities based on goals 
  • Recognize progressions in extremity plyometrics, spanning effort levels 
  • Interpret return-to-sport criteria from sports therapists for post-operative rehab 
  • Comprehend post-op therapy protocols and the AL-P’s role 
  • Develop gradual impact programs for hip, knee, and ankle injuries 
  • Create upper extremity programs progressing from low to high velocity 
  • Execute confident testing for lower extremity deceleration and direction change 
  • Understand and apply basic plyometric terminology 
  • Skillfully assess and progress common surgical/non-surgical case studies, confidently facilitating return to desired activities

Course outline

  • Physics and biomechanics 
  • Psychological considerations for athletes 
  • Strength testing for sport specific movement 
  • Deceleration competency 
  • Plyometrics 
  • Navigating the return to running 
  • Power development 
  • Physical therapy considerations