Where do personal trainers get their workout plans?



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Have you ever wondered where the best personal trainers in the world get their workout plans?

Lots of people do, but first, we need to define “best personal trainers.”


It’s easy to accidentally substitute clout for best. In other words, it’s easy to assume the ones with the most followers or those with the best physiques are also the best trainers. 

Those things are good, but they don’t say anything about quality.

If you want to be the best, you have to give your clients the best results, and that doesn’t happen from a cookie-cutter template program. 

It requires being able to objectively assess them in relation to their goals and build out a personalized program that gets them from A to Z as quickly as possible.

And that right there is where the best personal trainers in the world get their workout programs; they build them from scratch. 

Can you learn to do it too?


Your first step is knowing who you want to work with: athletes, soccer moms, people in pain, the elderly, bodybuilders, etc.

Knowing who you want to work with tells you what your assessment needs to look like so you can get the information you need to create the best possible program. 

The coaches we work with want to help people in pain reclaim their active lifestyles. Coaches who want to do this kind of work are usually interested in it because they know there’s so much more fitness can provide beyond making people sore and sweaty. They want to make an impact, AND they want to make a professional living in the process. 

If you work with us, the assessments you’ll learn will give you the information you need to help clients who aren’t being served by the healthcare system and can’t be helped by personal trainers. 

Step two is taking the information from your assessment and using it to “build a bridge” from where your client is to where they want to be via a personalized program. For example, if you have a client who wants to return to trail running after a knee replacement, using your assessment data, you would create a program that fills in the gaps you find in her strength, balance, mobility, and capacity. 

Step three is where the rubber meets the road; it’s the actual coaching. Proper programming is an indispensable part of good coaching, but it only “sticks” if you can meet the client where they are with empathy, build trust, and provide the necessary education for them to understand and fully buy into the process. 

That sounds like more than “just a workout.”

You’re right; it IS more than just a workout. It has to be if you want to be a world-class fitness professional. 

There are millions of people in the United States alone who need help getting out of pain and overhauling their health, so many that we couldn’t handle them all, so we created the Active Life Professional certification, or AL-P for short.

AL-P is a 13-month curriculum that gives you the tools to assess, program, troubleshoot, coach, and build a business around helping those people.

If that sounds like something you want for yourself, click the link below to book a discovery call and learn more about it.

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