Your Low Prices are Killing Your Clients’ Results



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You didn’t get into fitness to get rich; you got into it because you love it and want to help people achieve their goals, maybe even transform their lives. 

We get it. We’ve been there too. 

Since that’s your motivation, you’ve likely done everything possible to keep your prices low to make your services as accessible as possible. 

Unfortunately, accessible and successful aren’t the same thing. 

In this context, we’re not talking about your success; we’re talking about your clients' success. 

Let’s say Darlene comes to you with knee pain. 

She wants to get out of pain so she can take her nephews hiking this summer. She was unable to have children of her own, so she dotes on her two nephews and loves taking them on adventures. Two weeks they booked their tickets to go on a trip, but her knee flared up worse than it ever has, and she wants to be able to go in 6 months. 

Surgery is out of the question; can you help her?

If you take Darlene on as a client, how much bandwidth will it take to ensure she’s successful?

She’s trusting you to help her make core memories with her family. 

There’s more on the line here than getting a “beach body.”

But this might be exactly what you’ve been looking for in your career as a coach; it’s a meaningful transformation. 

There’s only one problem.

Working with Darlene will easily eat up five or six times more bandwidth than one of your usual clients. 

At your current rate, you would either lose money helping her, or she wouldn’t get the attention she needs because you are spread too thin, which means she doesn’t get to go on the trip.

You’re human.

Your resources are limited, and when you maintain rock-bottom prices, you’re forced to play the volume game.

That’s a recipe for burnout and discontent. 

There is an alternative. 

You can narrow your focus to a problem- set you’re passionate about solving. 

It could be to get people out of pain, like in the example, or it could be something else; it just has to be valuable. 

Valuable enough that people are willing to make sacrifices to get back the things in life they thought were lost to them. 

Low prices aren’t doing anyone any favors, not for you and not for your clients. 

Charge what you’re worth and keep every promise you make.

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