Dirty floors are a good enough reason for your clients to find another training facility.



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When we polled the @activeliferx account followers to see why they left their last gym, cleanliness was one of the top answers.

More people left the facility they were training at because of cleanliness than they did due to the training environment. 

Take a moment to consider the implications of that.

More people took their goals and hard-earned money to a different business because the facility wasn’t clean than because of poor coaching, the “community,” or any other environmental factor. 

People have standards, and they use these standards as shortcuts for making decisions. 

A perfect example of this is the gas station chain Mr. Gas in the intermountain west of the United States.

Almost all of their advertising focuses on one thing.

The cleanliness of their bathrooms. 

Let’s think through why that’s an ingenious marketing strategy. 

Gas stations make MOST of their money by selling products inside the store, NOT by selling gas.

If you associate a specific chain of gas stations with clean restrooms, where do you think you’ll opt to stop and go to the bathroom when you’re on the road?

Which gas station will you be looking for when your kids are yelling that they “have to PEEEEEEEE” for the 400th time?

Mr. Gas.

You know exactly what to expect if you walk into a Mr. Gas. You’ll probably even fill up while you’re there, and you won’t even consider whether the price was more or less than the station across the street.

Mr. Gas does the “little thing” of keeping their restrooms clean exceptionally well, and their parking lot is always full. 

What about your facility?

How well are you handling the “little things?” 

Have you caught on?

There are no little things. 


-How often do your floors get cleaned?

-How clean are the restrooms, how often are they checked, and the garbages emptied?

-How often is the equipment cleaned, inspected, and maintained?

-What does it smell like when someone enters the building?

-Are clients greeted as they come into the facility?

-Is your team dressed appropriately in the facility uniform?

-Do they practice good hygiene and grooming?

-Do they say please and thank you?

-Do they use the client’s name when speaking to them?

-Is your facility known for making and keeping promises?

-Are your team members attentive and on time?

You get the idea.

The little things don’t exist. 

They’re the things that, when done well, separate world-class facilities from “gyms down the street.”

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