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LastRx is a program for those who are active and want to STAY active.

It’s tailored specifically for clients who no longer need the hands-on, customized approach that comes with Rx Coaching but are still looking to stay healthy, confident, and connected to a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for living their best lives. 

You’re no longer dealing with pain or looking to solve a specific problem, but you’re not really sure what to do next with your exercise and training.

LastRx is the answer.

Here's a snapshot of what LastRx has to offer:
  • Programming: LastRx follows a weekly template that aligns with your goals of resiliency. It includes five workouts per week, a designated rest day for reflection and check-in, and specific recovery activities to support your overall well-being. The sessions are designed to be dynamic, incorporating Active Life principles such as:
    • Focus on the dynamic spine
    • Unilateral/asymmetrical movements
    • Locomotion and forward movement patterns
    • Mix of compound and isolated exercises
  • Lifestyle: LastRx strongly emphasizes habit-building and empowers you to make positive choices in various aspects of your life. You'll have reflection opportunities to foster self-awareness and personal growth. Additionally,  we'll provide resources and handouts on various lifestyle components of an active lifestyle including:
    • Mindset
    • Breathwork
    • Habit Formation
    • Stress management
  • Education: You’ll be able to expand your knowledge and mindset with our educational resources and prompts as you progress along your health and fitness journey. As part of LastRx, we'll keep you informed and engaged through specialty courses and valuable content that has become a staple of our Rx Coaching platform. You can expect access to resources, handouts, and educational materials to help guide you through your journey.

Throughout the course of using the LastRx, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule live sessions with Active Life staff to ask questions, navigate through a flare-up or setback, or discuss goals for the program and integration into life.

Here’s a sample of what’s included in a LastRx Sample workout:


In "Flow", our aim is to breathe, elevate our heart rate, facilitate blood flow, and start to raise our core temperature in preparation for the work to come.

2 minutes of cyclical exercise

1 minute of Jumping Jacks

1 minute of Ball Slams

*Choose Run/Row/Bike/Ski and work for 2 minutes, moving immediately into 1 minute of jumping jacks and then immediately into 1 minute of ball slams (4 minutes straight work). The pace should be moderately high with a focus on increasing blood flow and respiratory rate, with the goal of breaking a sweat by the end of the 4 minutes. With the ball slams choose a weight that is light enough for warm-up.


8 Minutes for Quality:

4 Alternating Groiner with Rotation

4 Alternating Side Kick Throughs

4 Inchworms

*Creating movement through the hips, torso and shoulders to prepare for the strength work today. Move with control and intention. Keep breathing rate smooth and steady, no breath holding. 


Our “Build” portion is meant to improve and maintain functional capacity. It’s the cornerstone piece of the session and where we want to really prioritize our time, energy, and effort. Today, the focus is on unilateral movements.

For all movements, maintain a faster up, slower down tempo, and do not sacrifice quality form. This is not a superset. Finish RDLs in their entirety before moving to split squats.

  • Single-Arm Shoulder Press
  • Weighted Box Step Up (weight held at hip height on both sides)
  • Single-Arm Bent Over Power Row

For each movement, perform 3 x 8 on each side. Goal RPE is 7/10, which is moderately challenging. You should have 3 reps left in the tank when performing 3 sets of 8 repetitions using the weight you’ve selected.

Rest :30s between sides and :90s - 2 minutes between sets.



  • No Press Burpees (aka Up Downs)
  • Russian Kettlebell Swings

*Working back and forth between the burpees and swings, move up the ladder to 12 reps, and then back down.

The pace should be fast enough to where it is consistent throughout. Limit rest breaks and keep them short.

The total rep count will be 60 reps for each movement.


4-5 minutes of nasal breathing on Bike or Walking.

Keep your work rate high enough to keep blood flowing, but low enough to be able to focus on that breath coming only through the nose.

Finish your session today with:

2 x :30s Childs Pose

2 x :30s Hero Pose (use assistance as needed)

This program is exclusive and only for those who have met their goals in working with us as a Rx client. We realized there was a need on the other side of the individualized coaching we provide, so we built this program.

Whether you're looking to maintain your fitness level, build strength, or simply stay active, our program is the perfect way to stay motivated and engaged. With support from our experienced coaches and a supportive community of fellow LastRx members, you'll have all the resources you need to achieve your goals and maintain your active lifestyle.

LastRx is $99/month with the opportunity to purchase live sessions as needed @ $100 per session.

At Active Life, we're committed to helping you maintain your momentum and achieve lasting success in your journey. We believe LastRx is the perfect next step for you.