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We leaned into our values and have been ruthless about it.

Two years ago we did $215k for the year. We will have beaten that by the end of July, and we aren’t even close to the highest potential of our delivery. It never will feel like it’s happening quickly enough, but it happens sooner than you expect.


What changed for us? We leaned into our values and have been ruthless about it. So damn proud of our team.


Don Murphy

Don Murphy // Pro Path Client

It's the win-win-win scenario happening for everybody that's involved in this process. From us as the gym owners to the trainers and how happy they are and the financial growth they're experiencing as well as Active Life, the consulting group, you guys are amazing at what you do. And it's just been a game changer for our personal training program unlike anything we've done in the past.

David Rubin // Pro Path Client

457 1:1 sessions in August for Team Courage breaking all records for sessions delivered, total revenue, and payroll.


It's a pretty satisfying feeling to know that whether I'm here in the building or not, which generally is not, that the business is running that it's running smoothly, that there's not fires, that the staff is operating, the members are being taken care of, the staff is earning money, the business is earning money, the business is profitable, and that's going to all happen whether I'm here or not.

Ashley M

Ashley Marolda // Pro Path Client

I gave more to my family, to our team, and to the Active Life Community, because every time I showed up for them, I got 10x more back.

To my Active Life Community: thank you for being vulnerable and going deep. Thank you for publicly celebrating your wins, no matter how big or small. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone in order to help me grow into the best version of myself.

This is the unexpected value I get from this community.