The Virtual Assessment Seminar by Active Life

Take the first steps towards building your dream career in fitness.

You see clients who have aches and pains they have to work around everyday, right? Becoming the professional who can assess clients from head to toe and create the best modifications possible is rewarding for you and irreplaceable for your clients.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re a seasoned pro, register now to get:

  • Movement assessments to use with EVERY client

    Feedback on assessments and what they mean for your clients

  • The “Three Critical Talks”- foundational education that teaches you why clients have aches and pains and what to do about it
  • Feedback on assessments and what they mean for your clients

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The best movement assessment in the coaching industry...

The seminar was created by Doctors of Physical Therapy, Chiropractors, and world renowned coaches who understand the gaps in both healthcare and fitness. This seminar has been a 8 year progression with over 5,000 registered students. It’s become a staple in coaching education and is the first step in building a career in fitness

As a Virtual Assessment Seminar attendee you’ll:

  • Get access to virtual assessment seminar video content
  • Receive easy-to-follow workbooks that help you retain what you’re learning
  • Learn how movement assessment system to begin identifying clients limitations
  • Understand what causes aches, pains and even injuries, and have a better idea of how to keep clients away from it
  • Feedback on the implementation of each movement screen within a Facebook group
  • Get a coaching call with a member of our team to help you understand where the limitations are within your business

Here's what to expect after completing the Virtual

Assessment Seminar...

After having completed the seminar you’ll be the go-to coach when clients have complaints about aches, pains and injuries. You’ll be able to assess them from head to toe and explain how the areas that “hurting” might not be where the problem is.

When you can explain to clients how shoulder pain might be caused by their stiff ankles, for example, you become a coach that clients trust, go to for help, and send their friends to as well.

Limited Time Offer!

Normally $299

$0 to the first 500 students

Why would we do this?

The Virtual Assessment Seminar is a world-class education for coaches. But, our focus as a company is mostly on growing our flagship product, Active Life Professional (AL-P). With that in mind, we want this Seminar to be able to market itself. Our goal in giving away the next 500 seminar spots is that you will help us in spreading the word about it. We need your word of mouth to grow. So, in exchange for getting this entire seminar for free, all we ask is that you tell at least 1 fellow coach or trainer about us. If that sounds like a fair trade, grab one of the spots below while they’re still available.

The Virtual Assessment Seminar registration will be launching soon. The ONLY way to register for one of the FREE spots is to be on the waitlist.