personal development that combines education, exercise, and mentorship to empower a life of freedom, without compromise.

If Active Life is to be successful at influencing culture at scale, it will be the result of the work of Active Life Professionals becoming the primary care connectors, trusted guides, educators, and mentors to the marketplace at large.

By best available data, there are close to 100,000 independent businesses where people can go to exercise, and that is not inclusive of local recreation centers, hotel gyms, or gyms in organized communities. On top of that, access to fitness programming is omnipresent. You can find it on streaming networks, you can find it on YouTube, and every magazine has a column dedicated to it. 

We have more access to equipment, information, and convenience than ever.

Before Jack Lalane hit the TV scene in 1951, fitness was influenced by the demands of military service and sports performance. People were not concerned with exercising for weight loss, or to more easily navigate the world and age gracefully because generally speaking people were of appropriate weight and they were aging with dignity. 

The problems of today did not exist in the 1950s. 

In fact, in 1950, the concept of a gym where a person would go to exercise was outside of the Western consciousness completely; it was YMCAs and YWCAs leading the charge, affording the space, and minimal equipment to allow for physical activity.

This leads us to a perplexing and frustrating question: why, in 2023 is the Western world fatter, more diseased riddled, and more injured than it has ever been?

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Empower a life of freedom, without compromise.


Tyler Dietrick // AL-P Candidate

Yesterday was one of the most empowering days of my life. I launched my coaching business - The Resiliency Project - out into the world and stood right beside it because it is me and represents everything I am going to do to help people. 

I had my first onboarding with my first client which included my first movement assessment and first education session. At the end of the session, my client took a picture of all I wrote on the whiteboard because he didn't want to forget it and told me how impactful all the information I shared with him was.

I know for certain I wouldn't have had the opportunity to experience any of what I just described above if I had not surrounded myself with all of you incredible individuals when I started AL-P 3 months ago. The messages I see you all post daily and the intentional conversations you all bring to every call I am on is beyond inspiring and motivating. Thank you all for being such an incredible community of leaders.


Kathy Tilden // Rx Client

It sounds cliché, but Active Life has changed my life. Really. If I wasn't doing the Active Life programming, I would probably be in the same spot that I was in, and I would have just accepted that I would be in some form of pain forever. I've now learned that that doesn't have to be the case, and it won't be the case. Not only do the things I have to do, I can do the things I really want to do. The things that make me a whole person. The things that make me a better mother and a better educator and a better wife and just a better friend because I feel good, and I'm happy. I'm happy to not be in pain.

Sheila Rixon

Sheila Rixon // Rx Client

I haven't missed a day at the gym since I started with Active Life.  It's been six-plus months now and I don't hesitate to pick up something off the floor.  Instead of getting strong around the issue, I have a coach that's truly addressing what needs to be addressed both injury-wise and in me as a person.


Weezy Shumaker // AL-P Candidate

2 consults -> 2 closes for people I’m motivated (and qualified) to help. To say I’m grateful for these tools is an understatement.

Ashley V

Ashley Vivek // AL-P Candidate

I'm feeling very grateful today as I reflect on a milestone achieved - my first session with my first client who made an impressive purchase of a 48-pack!


Maria Dreessen // AL-P

When I joined AL-P back in December, one of the conversations my husband and I had was if we do that and take out the loan to do so, worst case scenario was that there would be a lot of things we wouldn’t be able to do if things didn’t go well. Some of those things were me going on an annual girls trip with some friends, getting new carpet, and getting a new dishwasher.

We’ve now done all those things.

We also had our AC go out and had to replace that and my husband and I went skydiving a few months ago.

A big reason we’ve been able to say yes to all of this is because I’ve actually been successful through AL-P


Nathalie Guenther // AL-P Candidate

We just started our business officially today, and I had my first ever consult/whiteboard session. Sold a 48-pack with confidence and ease. It doesn’t feel real yet. 


Michael DeMarco // Pro Path Client

From the day we joined Active Life our finances are to the moon.  For seven years, it was just a net in out... money in, money out.  Since we signed up with Active Life we are 3.5x the day we signed up.

Sarah Sh.

Sarah Schlievert // AL-P Candidate

I’m two weeks into AL-P, and have:

•Raised my prices by 43% and only lost 2 of 13 clients due to this increase.  (I thought for sure I’d lose 50% of my clientele).

•Taken some client quandaries to my peers in labs and gotten some great suggestions.  My clients involved loved that they had a whole group of driven people working on their issues and how to fix them.

•Gotten better at listening and asking questions.

•Re-homed a nutrition client this week with confidence, and didn’t worry a bit about the small refund I had to issue her in the process (this would have been a big worry in the past).

•Have had a BLAST training the coolest 84 year old woman you’ve ever met. 

Andrew logo

Andrew Daniel // AL-P

Just want to say I'm thankful for the experience I've had here. It's been just over 2 full years since I stumbled upon an AL-P IG post that made me say "Yes! finally someone said it". In a world of so little integrity, the content stood out quickly. Thank you for the mentorship, the eagerness and prompt responses to questions, the amazing course material, the group calls, always making time for me/us, and the stories/examples that show us we're making a difference. Going through AL-P has been another one of those times where I felt absolutely certain that I was in the right place at the right time.


Hugo Romero // AL-P

I decided to invest all of my money again to get into AL-P.
I had no job when I took the decision, so it HAD to work out, or I would had to find another job in another field. DURING AL-P, I almost quit (you can ask Larry) because I felt like I was not succeeding.

Last year I invested again all my money to open my own studio, working as an Active Life Professional, and making 6 times the money I was making in France.

It takes time, it takes balls, and it’s all worth it!


Don Murphy // Pro Path Client

It's the win-win-win scenario happening for everybody that's involved in this process. From us as the gym owners to the trainers and how happy they are and the financial growth they're experiencing as well as Active Life, the consulting group, you guys are amazing at what you do. And it's just been a game changer for our personal training program unlike anything we've done in the past.


Simone Simms // Rx Client

In working with Active Life, I accomplished the goals initially set and then some. I also learned what to do going forward. The program worked for me, and I'm overly satisfied with the results.

The fact that it worked and I started to see results relatively quickly compared to the PT initially prescribed by my doctor (it should be noted that my doctor also referred me to active life). 10/10. I can’t recommend highly enough.


Luis Gutierrez // AL-P Candidate

I just put my 4 month notice to quit my current job. Which will open up valuable time to focus on my coaching again. Very excited to not have any more excuses!  And I feel more prepared to do so with all the AL-P help! 

David G

David Garcia // AL-P

Grateful for all that AL has provided and continues to provide in my journey as a professional and as a human.

A couple of years ago, I reached out to a friend whom I considered to be successful in our field to go grab coffee and talk about where we were at the time and the things he was doing. At the time, I was not yet enrolled in AL-P and quite honestly, feeling lost and hopeless.

Fast forward 2 years later - we’ve reconnected and I am mentoring him (and working on getting him into AL-P). One of the things that he has said more than once is “dude, you’re a totally different person from when we met a few years back”.

I agreed with him and said it wasn’t by accident.


Natalie Johnson // AL-P Candidate

If I knew before, what I know now about this process of becoming an AL-P.... I'm not sure I would have signed up but I'm glad I did

I thought I was just going to learn how to be better at getting people out of pain and discomfort....Growing is tough when you would rather stay stagnant. Being faced with how I get in my own way and having to process it and move past it, is a tough drink to swallow.

What I understand now is that in order for me to serve others through exercise, mentorship and education, I can't hide from the world. I have to find my voice and take up space. The only way I can do this is by taking an inspection of what I am doing to hold myself back and working through it.

Thank you Ashley Crocker for your guidance and thank you to this community of professionals.


Robert Hull // AL-P

AL-P changed me forever and continues to change me. I was also extremely lucky to work in-person alongside Dr. Melissa Capurro and learn things I likely would have either not learned or learned for a while. The financial success aside (I have been the sole income earner since we sold our gym) this community is incredible. 


Dr Sean Pastuch

CEO & Founder

Dr. Sean Pastuch

Mary Banks

Chief Strategy Officer

Mary Banks

VP of Client Acquisition

Nick Stram

VP of Quality

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