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Get To Know RX Coaching

1 - Fill us in

Share a little bit about what you’re looking for help with so that our team can be prepared to speak with you.

Getting to know you
Discovery Call

2 - Speak with our team

Schedule a time that fits conveniently in your schedule to meet with one of our relationship specialists who can determine whether we should help you or make a referral to a trusted resource. 

3 - Help us design your plan

Meet your team leader. Our team works collaboratively on your behalf. Each client is assigned a team leader who makes sure your plan meets you where you are.  

Meet your coach
Assessment Phase

4 - Needs analysis

Our methods are validated by research, and innovative to meet your needs. We discover those needs during your custom tailored evaluation process. 

5 - Understanding

Finally, understand what’s been holding you back and how to overcome it. Self paced education, custom programs, and one-on-one attention from our team ensure you have clarity.

Your Programme

6 - Change your life

Follow the custom plan, continue receiving mentorship and accountability the whole time, make changes so profound that they inspire your loved ones to improve their own lives. 

7 Reasons You're In Pain...

... and how to get out of it

7 Reasons You're In Pain
You can't control the pain you're experiencing.

But there are resources available that can help you get out of pain and back to doing the activities you love the most. From one fellow pain hater to another, we've got you. 

Our clients say it better than we do...

Simone Simms

Simone Simms


Simone started having leg pain that stopped her from playing racquetball, running, and even walking comfortably.  She did everything right to fix it.  She rested.  She went to the doctor.  She went to Physical Therapy.  But months later it wasn't better.  That's when Simone started working with Active Life. Watch her story here.

Kim Pastuch

Kim Pastuch


Kim's a mother of three, a wife, and a teacher who suffered from hip pain for 15 years. In the hustle and bustle of life, her hip pain took a back seat to being a wife, a mom, and a teacher.  She would wake up in pain on a regular basis and the bottle of Advil was never far. She become an RX Coaching client after it appeared she tried everything else to fix the problem. Here's her journey.

Welcome To Your New Team

Get to know the RX Coaching team at Active Life. They are ready to unlock your life!
Dr Ryan Summers

VP Coaching Operations

Ryan Summers
Chris Schaalo

RX Professional

Chris Schaalo
Mark Ramezzano


Mark Ramezzano
Melissa Capurro


Melissa Capurro
Jonathan Hoch


Jonathan Hoch

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