We help you get out of pain without going to the doctor or giving up your active lifestyle.

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10/10. I can’t recommend highly enough.

"In working with Active Life, I accomplished the goals initially set and then some. I also learned what to do going forward. The program worked for me, and I'm overly satisfied with the results.

The fact that it worked and I started to see results relatively quickly compared to the PT initially prescribed by my doctor (it should be noted that my doctor also referred me to active life). 10/10. I can’t recommend highly enough."

Simone Simms  //  Rx Client


Active Life has changed my life.

It sounds cliché, but Active Life has changed my life. Really. If I wasn't doing the Active Life programming, I would probably be in the same spot that I was in, and I would have just accepted that I would be in some form of pain forever.

I've now learned that that doesn't have to be the case, and it won't be the case. Not only do the things I have to do, I can do the things I really want to do. The things that make me a whole person. The things that make me a better mother and a better educator and a better wife and just a better friend because I feel good, and I'm happy. I'm happy to not be in pain.

Kathy Tilden //  Rx Client

Noah Olsen

Noah Olsen // Rx Client

Prior to working with Active Life, I’d been working around my shoulder injury rather than addressing it directly. I know now that was hindering me from reaching my true potential. We progressively healed and strengthened my shoulder and I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t ever think about it being an issue. 

After about 6 months of working with Active Life, I’ve not only completely healed my shoulder but also implemented regular body work that’s keeping me healthier. This proactive rather than reactive approach will hopefully allow me to have a season where I can compete at my full potential and not be held back by injuries like the season before.


Robert Hull // Rx Client

Active Life 1-on-1 coaching literally transformed the way I view fitness both as an "athlete" and a professional. From fear of never "exercising" to being in a place where I felt more healthy than ever before, as well as helping people get out of pain without missing time in the gym or seeing a doctor, I can't imagine my life without my experience with ALRX.

Cody Israel // Rx Client

Everything from communication, content, reasoning behind exercise selection was phenomenal! If I asked a question it was answered in a timely manner which gave me confidence going forward as an athlete.

Erez Hazak // Rx Client

I loved every minute of working with Active Life. Always responsive coaches, not just reacting to issues, but looking to understand my goals and challenges as we work through the issues.

I believe that when looking at to get out of pain, or making sure you are prepared to pursue your goals as an athlete, Active Life provides the best tools and mindset necessary to meet those goals.

The best thing about working with Active Life is the team. I’ve worked with a couple of them over the course of a few years and they’re all amazing. Can’t recommend them enough.

Nik Patrick

Nik Patrick // Rx Client

My coach is a great communicator. Quick to respond to messages and provided clear feedback in times that I was uncertain or struggling. She was confident enough to tell me no when I tried to get away with doing "a little extra" and kept me confident that the plan laid out was the plan that would help me cross the finishline.


Amber Dyett // Rx Client

I have had chronic lower back pain for about 15 years and wasted so much time and money on interventions that didn't help (chiro care, decompression, traditional PT, modifying workouts, steroid injections). It got to the point that I couldn't perform basic functions like bending over to put my pants on or to pick up my toddler. I started with Active Life and after a few months, I am now about 95% pain-free, feeling great, and moving so much better than I ever have.
I tell everyone and anyone about Active Life! Especially since I am so connected to the CrossFit community and everyone seems to have aches and pains. Active Life literally improved my quality of life in a way I didn't think was possible. I will forever be grateful for the program Active Life!

Bert Ernset // Rx Client

My coach is the BEST! I was hopeless when I injured my shoulder and thought I would be in pain the rest of my life. Her programming has helped me to get back to doing normal, everyday activities. I am also Active Duty Military and I am now running near perfect scores on my fitness test! I couldn’t be happier with my results.

Stacey Barrack // Rx Client

Active Life is AMAZING!!!! I hope to work with them again one day. They not only understood the pain / injury I had when I started working with them, but they also ensured that I was moving properly, with good form. Rarely do you find someone who not only cares, but actively works to improve your life and Active Life embodies everything a great service should. I cannot thank Active Life enough for their help!


Jessica Pacheco // Rx Client

My coach is a fantastic human as well as a great coach.  He did a great job with communicating clearly and consistently.  I think the key word is consistency, I worked with him for three years. 

In those three years, he had an open line of communication and always made sure we operated as a team from day one.  In those three years he did everything I could ever ask for from a coach.  

He looked at the whole picture, not just the time I spent in the gym, things like how was my life stress, sleep, nutrition, etc., he always did what he said he was going to do, he always responded in a timely manner, most importantly he helped me gain my confidence back in my body.  

Active Life is worth way more than the monthly rate I paid.  From the start they over delivered and changed my life for the better.  I could go on and say a million nice things about my coach and Active Life. Please keep doing the work you are doing. You are making a difference in people's lives.  I cannot thank you enough.

Ashley Dibernardo // Rx Client

My coach always listened to me. My thoughts and concerns. He always explained why we were doing something. Especially if I was hesitant about something new. He built a lot of trust with me. He also was a sounding board when I was going through personal things. He challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. We also fixed a lot of issues and imbalances.  

Michael McKenzie // Rx Client

I came into this plagued by multiple injuries. My coach’s program helped me regain a lot of mobility that I hadn’t had for years. Additionally, he showed me ways to actively strengthen and decompress areas to relieve pain when I began to lock up with certain activities.